Thrilling New Shopping Site Launched on November 22nd is a thrilling, new free Game where you enjoy a Social and Entertainment Shopping experience. Win anything from Dream Vacations to Shopping Sprees to Gift Cards and more! Guarantee the best deal online. Where as little as nothing can turn into a $2500 shopping spree, redeemable virtually anywhere. Pay off debt, pay your monthly bills & expenses, take a vacation, upgrade life!

Sunday, November 22nd, released the first free game where you enjoy a thrilling social and entertainment shopping experience from any device.

Ask yourself this question: "Why risk your safety battling crowds and dealing with chaotic parking lots on Black Friday when you can get better deals from your own living room?" Silly, we know! That is exactly why is giving you the opportunity to win great rewards for yourself or gifts for your friends and family by simply playing the game!

On Sunday, November 22nd, over 1,000 auctions worth more than $45,000.00 went live. Winners are already saving hundreds. Auctions are closing every minute up to midnight on Black Friday, November 27th. The main auction winners will walk with nothing less than a $100 Visa or Amazon gift card or even an all-inclusive dream vacation to the Caribbean. It's easy. How easy? Easy like Sunday morning... thanks Lionel!

So, is The Mine Life limited to only Black Friday and other large-scale shopping holidays? Nope. Everyday is Black Friday at! That’s right, Black Friday deals all day, every day, from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Shop stress free for vacations, holidays, birthdays, Cyber Monday and even everyday items.

Tired of comparison shopping and all the different ways, deal sites and timely dead ends when all you want to do is have fun and shop? The stress free way shopping used to be. Shopping without all the stress of driving, crowds, parking spots and missing out of the “deal of a lifetime”. Shop from your couch and make holiday shopping, birthday shopping, Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday deal shopping easy! Get that macbook pro, ipad, dream vacation, and all of your holiday gifts for a better price than the people who camped out all night.

Guarantee finding the best online deal. Where as little as nothing can turn into a $2500 shopping spree, redeemable virtually anywhere. Instead of having to play the game “which credit card gives me more rewards?”, find out how you can win a visa gift card, amazon gift card, mastercard gift card, walmart money card, Orbitz gift card, priceline gift card, home depot gift card, itunes gift card.

The Mine Life is a thrilling new way to get the best prices when online shopping. This free online game gives you the opportunity to choose your earnings. Pay off debt, pay your monthly bills & expenses, take a vacation, upgrade your family vacation, attend the most popular events VIP Style, build your portfolio, and so much more.

Start adding value to your dollar and your time today. Eliminate buyer’s remorse by choosing your rewards.

Travel to the Olympics, the World Cup, legendary concerts, The Super Bowl, the World Series of Poker, the real Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, all inclusive caribbean vacations, trips to Hawaii and any other life changing experience you choose!

Tired of paying your cell phone bill or car note? Feel like you have no fun way to pay off all of that credit card debt? The Mine Life offers a risk free, entertaining way to pay off your credit cards and other monthly expenses without having to miss out on life’s experiences. .

And if you don’t win the big bill payoff then you can still use the money you spent on bids to pay off your everyday expenses at a discounted rate.

It is an On Demand, Mobile Shopping Experience that leads to you getting free money for playing a game.

Quit reading this and go play the only game where when you level up, it means You upgraded Your Life!

The Mine Life offers a safe and entertaining way to upgrade life’s adventures. Sign up today for free “mines” that you can use to win all these great rewards!

For more information please contact:

Gary Tessero Jr


Precomposed tweet: Want to win a dream vacation? Check out @theminelife for your chance to hit the high seas and so much more! #the_mine_life


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