The Setting Up of In-House Vestibular Autorotation Test Facility Is Made Simple for Medical Practitioners

Ancillary Medical Solutions, a new-age innovative service provider based in San Diego, has variety of options for setting up in-house ancillary medical services for the practicing physicians.

Statistics reveal that ancillary sector receives around 21% of the total health care spending. Most practicing doctors would like to set up matching ancillary services in their clinic or office to provide better services to their patients. Since most of them are busy to spare time for research and find suitable guidance or assistance to include ancillary services alongside their practice, they recommend patients to stand -alone ancillary centers or hospitals with the facility for conducting the tests there. The patient also faces the inconvenience in visiting these off-site centers and prefers one- stop solutions.

Ancillary Medical Solutions, a new-age innovative service provider based in San Diego, has variety of options for setting up in-house ancillary medical services for the practicing physicians. The Company specializes in providing in-depth and proven matching solutions to the practitioner for setting up ancillary services in one’s own office or clinic. They help the doctor in providing better delivery of its health care services to the patients as well as open a sustainable revenue generation source. Currently, the Company provides solutions for setting up Vestibular Autorotation Test for Fall Prevention, On-site allergy testing, laboratory, Platelet Rich Plasma, Medical Fitness, Sudopathy, Food allergy Testing, Holter Test, Mental Health assessment and host of similar services which can be seen in their website The expertise, experience and consultative approach of the company provide a comprehensible road map for a profitable venture with negligible financial risks to the practitioner.

The Vestibular Autorotation Test (VAT) is an important test for the senior citizens who complain of falling. The incidence of fall and fall related injuries among the senior citizens is increasing and contrary to the common perception, only 9% of the patients were falling because of balance problem. In fact, a large section of the patients in this category suffer from vestibular dysfunction which can be easily diagnosed from VAT and relevant remedial advice/medication can be prescribed. The VAT test, being non-invasive and painless, can be completed in office by the practitioner within 20 minutes. 

In this test, the patient is asked to simply wear a lightweight head strap that connects to five electrodes.  These electrodes connect at various points around the eyes and forehead.  At the sound  of a computer-generated tone, the patient moves their head left and right, up and down in a series of simple tests.  Immediately upon completion, a report is printed with graphing to easily show the Primary Care Physician where the patient is deficient.  In most cases, the patient is instructed on some simple eye exercises they can do at home.  Four weeks later the patient is re-tested to track improvement.

According to Company’s spokesperson Michael Berg, “The VAT results are important in diagnosing the fall related problems of the aged. The timely test helps the patient in early recovery and independence. The test is also reimbursable by all insurance companies and can open a revenue stream for the physician.” 


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