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iiCAMA offers innovative and creative learning options for children and adults; live, online, and interactive. iiCAMA differs from other online teaching platforms with its engaging and interactive format. iiCAMA is based on solid general and special education foundations with a story plot which calls students into action. iiCAMA character instructors include licensed general and special education teachers, (Innovations in Creative Arts & Martial Arts, Inc.)  connects with children via a virtual classroom.  Instructors motivate children from all over the universe to take part in saving planet earth as they learn and master new skills.  Earning ranks, badges, and certificates, success is celebrated via online pizza, tea parties, and traditional ceremonies. Best of all, kids can wear costumes to attend class. Connecting with parents and teachers through social media, creates a true collaborative learning environment.  Adults can also register for Karate, Self-defense, Fitness, Tai Chi, Dancing, Chess, and Cooking classes, Online, Live, & Interractive. From a computer, tablet, or smart phone, children and adults can take classes at home, at school, at the babysitters, at work, on the go, or while on vacation -- still able to speak to the instructors. offers several theme based classes for children: Karate, Ninja Knights,  the Royal Princess Brigade, or Super Hero Certification. Children are motivated to develop pre-academic skills, good habits, manners, great listening skills, problem solving abilities, and to work as “Team Planet Earth”. Supporting movement, hands-on learning, and  caring about others, provides a long lasting learning experience. Students with special needs also take part in innovative, creative, and interactive learning. Many programs offer students 24 hour access to previous classes.

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Connect via: Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, Wikia, and Youtube.  Join the new Super Hero Revolution online or contact for In-School Programs (New York City Region).  Group Rates available.


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