Texas Attorney Successfully "Quiets Title to Real Property" Using CFLA Quiet Title Package

Texas attorney "quiets title to property" using CFLA Quiet Title Package in final judgement in the Harris County District Court.

CFLA Client Jackson & Elrod, a law firm in Houston, TX has successfully Quieted Title again using the cutting edge CFLA work products. Attorney Chad Elrod remarked that "This was a case where title to the property was cleared via final judgement, and the lien erased in its entirety."  Visit CFLA.com to view and download the final judgement.

CFLA’s V.P of Auditing and Senior Expert Witness, Michael Carrigan describes the loan scenario below:

"The characteristics of this audit are that this was an FHA loan with Ginnie Mae involvement in guaranteeing loan. Thus, I used a qualifying Ginnie Mae trust. The original assignment was made by an Assignor employee and so the usual line of attack that an Assignee signed the Assignment was not available. But there was a break in the chain of title such that the appointed Trustee of Deed of Trust, Everbank, was not assigned the Deed of Trust. Assignment made to one Inland Mortgage Corporation.

I pointed out that the substitution of trustee, however, showed that Everbank authorized the change of Trustee of the Deed of Trust. The substitution was made by one of up to sixteen personnel c/o Auction.com, LLC, which might be considered an indication of lack of first-hand knowledge. I also pointed out the further invalidity of the document that Florida-based Everbank seemed to have little idea of the difference between a Mortgage (judicial foreclosure) and a Deed of Trust (non-judicial). p.7.

So overall, this is a case with non-disclosed collateral in a securitized (government entity) trust and a specific omission in the chain of title, compounded by foreclosure document preparation errors. And these types of chain of title discrepancies (illogical or omitted links) occur frequently."

The final Judgment was handed down by Judge Patricia J. Kerrigan in the District Court of Harris County, TX, 190th Judicial District; Cause No. 2013-72329; wherein the Court... "Further ORDERS, JUDGES & DECREES that the Deed of Trust filed of record with the Harris County, Texas Real Property Records under file number S258393, is REMOVED from the title to 11545 Walnut Meadow Dr., Houston, TX 77066, as to Defendant Everbank, now and forever."

CFLA has made available DVD's on Quiet Title taught by Jeff Jackson & Chad Elrod of Jackson & Elrod as well as information on cutting edge CFLA Quiet Title and Bloomberg Securitization Auditing Services at CFLA.com


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