TEDx Visits the Ancient City of Matera in Basilicata, Southern Italy

On the 20th May 2014 TEDx arrived in Matera, Basilicata in Southern Italy for an exploration into the link between the past and present.

Ancient Future, the title of the TEDx talk was brought to Matera to provoke thought and stimulate discussion in what seems to be areas of apparent contrast. Matera, the third oldest city in the world beautifully displays this as it houses the centre for space research.

TEDx, is an independently organised event that focuses on local voices bringing their expertise to the table. Speakers at the event included Denise Cumella, Federico Valicenti and Angelo Inglese.

Partnership with APT Basilicata, Matera2019, National Geographic Italia, Wired and many more allowed for this one day conference to be an overwhelming success.

Matera is one of only six cities throughout Italy to be shortlisted for the title of “2019 European City of Culture”. The whole region of Basilicata is behind the city as a well-deserved contender for the title. The selection panel who decide whether Matera will go forward for final selection will meet again in the third quarter of 2014.

The city of Matera is the jewel of the Basilicata region. Steeped in history, Matera is thought to be one of the world’s oldest towns dating back as far as the Palaeolithic times, Matera is now a popular tourist spot boasting hundreds of ancient caves, rock churches, delicious local cuisine and luxurious boutique hotels.

The most famous part of Matera is the Sassi district, now designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can see hundreds of troglodyte dwellings and churches dug out of the rock. Explore. The cave dwellings were lived in until the 1950’s and are the most extensive example of their kind in the Mediterranean. Over the past 10 years the Sassi has undergone extensive re-development and now hosts some incredible and luxurious cave hotels, private homes and restaurants, lovingly restored to enhance their original features. Explore this complex network of caves, churches, streets, stairways, archways and terraces on foot to experience the best of the city and don’t forget to check out the stunning Cave Hotels for a unique way to discover Basilicata. To find out more about the TedX talk or the city of Matera, search for Disvoer Basilicata for more information.


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