Take 5 Endotech Announces Launch of Breakthrough Minimal Invasive Surgery Solution With Hi-Tech Components

With Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) becoming a more popular method for Doctors to use everyday, there's no shortage of demands for tools that can make performing these surgeries simpler. Take 5 Endotech recently announced the launch of their innovative new tool in this space, the Take 5 a revolutionary surgical instrument with scissors and grasper in one device.

According to experts, Minimal Invasive Surgery (or MIS) is one of the fastest growing trends in medicine, and for good reason.  MIS is credited as generally being safer, more feasible and patient-friendly than performing other medical procedure options.  Recently, Take5endotech BV announced the launch of a device that make performing minimal invasive surgeries much more simple and effective.  This device, the Take 5, is an innovative combination of a grasper and scissors which allows a wide range of uses.

“We're very happy to be presenting our new Take 5 medical device,” commented a spokesperson from Take 5 Endotech. “We have every confidence this delivers a huge amount of value to the medical community and the technology behind it represents a breakthrough for robotic and keyhole operations.”

According to the company, the Take 5 allows a wide range of actions:  laser sharp precision cutting; grabbing with feeling; rotating; point to point dissecting; and safe coagulating.  This being combined on one high-tech device opens up a wide range of new MIS possibilities.

Users have responded with enthusiasm.

Medtech MIS expert recently said, “Once in many years we see a new device that's jaw dropping.  The Take 5 is quite amazing, and had our eyes popping out of our skulls.  Very high recommended.”

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