TadobaTigerKing Resort Offers A Breathtaking Experience In The Forest And A Comfortable Stay

Tadoba Tiger king resort is one of reputable resort in Tadoba which offers excellent lodging services and helpful staff to make testable customer.

e are a tiger lodge near Tadoba National Park in India. We have established the reputation of most sought-after tiger lodge in Chandrapur. We are a jungle lodge offering the best accommodation services at Tadoba with all the basic amenities in place. The resort is designed keeping the jungle theme in mind.

Our resort is located in Tadoba that is located approximately 105kms from Nagpur. Tadoba tiger king resort is located in the vicinity of the national park, which increases the chances of tiger spotting. For tourists seeking affordable accommodation in Tadoba, our resort are aptly suitable to fulfil their requirements. Apart from the tiger spotting, the national park also offers wildlife safari services.

To give yourself a break from the hustles of city life, visiting such a countryside resort will bring you the much-needed peace. Neatly tucked away in the cozy jungle of Tadoba, this national park has a vast variety of flora and fauna. However, the main attraction in this region is the tiger spotting. There are around 43 tigers found in the jungle of Tadoba, which is one of the highest population in the country.

One of the famous tiger spotting spots in the region is Kolara gate! Our resort lies near this gate, thus it is easier to spot a tiger or two while still in the resort. Apart from this, you can take the safari rides offered at the resort to spot the tigers in the jungle. These rides are arranged with the assistance of the Forest department, thus security is assured.
To make your stay comfortable, we serve delicious local cuisine to our guests. You can book accommodation at the Tadoba Tiger King Resort by making online payment on the website. At the resort, you can enjoy the divinity of nature, leaving behind the worries of city life. 

About Us:

TadobaTigerKingResort is one of the finest resorts, which provides Eco friendly accomodation in tadoba to travelers with hassle free environment. Rooms are well equipped with luxurious facilities which gives full of the energetic environment in the luxurious amenities in Tadoba.

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