"Suge Knight" and "Katt Williams" Sued for Assaulting, Battering and Defaming Female Photographer

While walking out of a studio in Beverly Hills, CA, Suge Knight, Katt Williams, and an unnamed female assailant attacked a female photographer and took off with her camera.

Philip Layfield and Kimberly Whang of Layfield & Wallace, APC filed a lawsuit on behalf of Leslie Redden, a female photographer and photo journalist, for damages that she suffered during the September 5, 2014 assault and battery by Suge Knight, Katt Williams, and an unknown female. Leslie Redden was waiting outside of FilmOn studios in Beverly Hills when Suge Knight rapidly approached Ms. Redden while threatening physical harm. Ms. Redden turned and attempted to flee but was pushed to the ground by an unknown female assailant who was in the company of Katt Williams. During the assault, Ms. Redden was allegedly knocked unconscious and suffered severe physical and emotional injuries. While Ms. Redden was lying on the ground, Katt Williams forcibly took Ms. Redden’s $3,000 camera. In the aftermath, Katt Williams made several false statements to the media in which they allegedly distorted the events. On June 4, 2015 Philip Layfield of Layfield & Wallace, APC filed a lawsuit against Marion Hugh Knight a/k/a Suge Knight and Micah Sierra Williams a/k/a Kat Williams, alleging assault, battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, conversion, and defamation.

Philip Layfield is known as the go to attorney in Los Angeles for celebrity assault cases and has handled cases against The Game, Mike Tyson, Mark Salling, Timothy Murphy and others.  Layfield & Wallace’s trial division is comprised of skilled associates, paralegals, legal analysts, medical doctors, and investigators. Our trial division appears in courtrooms all over the country and handles approximately one jury trial every single month. In fact, we try more cases than 99% of all plaintiff law firms. The insurance companies know this and the defense lawyers understand the risks of going to trial against Layfield & Wallace. The reality is that Layfield & Wallace has the ability to obtain eight figure jury verdicts where most firms might lose the case.

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Layfield & Wallace is known for being top trial attorneys in Los Angeles for celebrity assault cases. They have handled cases against The Game, Mike Tyson, Mark Salling, Timothy Murphy and others.