SPG Sales is now SPG Event

The event company in Sweden, SPG Sales has now changed to "SPG Event".

One of the most promising event management company in Sweden, SPG Sales has now changed its name from SPG Sales to SPG Event. The new name SPG Event now describes the company in a more perfect manner and give a clear picture of the company, it is today. It is a part of Sweden’s largest entertainment group, Stureplansgruppen and was founded in the year 2007. 

SPG Event is the first name that strikes the minds of people in Sweden, when it comes to event management. Over the years this organization has gained the confidence and trust of people by delivering quality services. They have very well managed to win the hearts of people by making the event a complete delight and their quality service. The organization has a vast experience in arrangera firmafest, conferences and corporate events.

In the recent years this company has evolved to great heights in the event management sector from purely local sales to a full-grown event agency. Currently the company has been pretty stabilized and is confident of delivering a high quality product in different areas such as event production, hospitality, conferences and catering. SPG event also organizes fashion shows, conferences, exhibitions and concerts for its clients. 

The organisation strongly believes in meaningful meetings and strong results for their clients. So in order to achieve it, SPG event has access to Sweden’s unique and most attractive venues for events & conferences. SPG event has a good bar staff and works with famous chefs like Niklas Ekstedt. This is a great advantage for the company as they possess all stages of production with them.    

 Company: http://spgevent.se/

 E-mail: john.iserstal@stureplansgruppen.se

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An Event Management Company in Sweden. Responsible for arranging corporate events and conferences for the clients in Sweden.

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