Seventh Trumpet Media Announces New Solution to Bring Youth Closer to Christ!

Seventh Trumpet Media Launches the Illustrated Reference Bible that allows our youth to learn about the bible and their faith in a relatable and fun way. It's a bible companion within a bible that will inspire youth to explore further on their own.

In our efforts to strengthen our youth’s commitment to Christ as they transition from faith under their parent’s guidance, to their own faith, Seventh Trumpet Media created the Illustrated Reference Bible.  It is a growing international concern that youth are turning away from faith in their teenage years.  The Illustrated Reference Bible allows young people to learn about the bible in a relatable and fun way and will inspire them to explore further on their own.

The team at Seventh Trumpet Media spoke to various spiritual leaders and millennials when investigating the viability of this concept. They found that youth have been taught what it means to live in faith but have not formed their own desire to explore the vast experiences of biblical men and women who have already walked the path.  Many have said, “My spiritual life is a belief system and not an applied way of life.”  This is one of the goals of Seventh Trumpet Media says McLean, “By utilizing a modern and easily understandable approach, this problem can be easily overcome. The key is to have youth form their own desire to explore the bible and apply it’s principles.”

The Illustrated Reference Bible utilizes features such as color-coded sections, over 50 illustrated pages, comic-style biblical stories as well as chapter, verse and page references.  The Illustrated Reference Bible was designed to simplify studying the Holy Scriptures, bringing children, and young adults closer to Christ.

The Crowd Funding Campaign
Become a trailblazer! Be one of the first to get your copy of the Illustrated Reference Bible by participating in our Kickstarter campaign.

Campaign End Date: Wed. December 24

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