ServiceCentral Releases New Analytics Dashboard for Service Management Software

Atlanta-based software company develops and implements enterprise level service management software platform. New analytics dashboard enhances access to KPI data so users can make decisions in real time.

ServiceCentral continues to set the benchmark for business intelligence in the service management software industry, unveiling a new reporting dashboard that allows operations management and decision-makers to keep their fingers on the virtual pulse of business performance and respond in real time.

Darrell Morales, VP at ServiceCentral Technologies, sums up why the ServiceCentral Dashboard is different from other reporting dashboards and how it’s valuable to businesses, “Management level KPI dashboards usually provide backward facing metrics. We have designed a dashboard that summarizes service transactions to provide operations managers insight to the factors that influence real-time operational efficiencies."

ServiceCentral’s dashboard, a new product feature offered within ServiceCentral’s Service Management Software platform, is a highly customizable and visual reporting interface that gives managers real-time visibility into key performance indicator (KPI) factors such as throughput volume, outbound shipping status, turnaround time, and technician productivity.  The interface enables management to drill down within each individual factor reported in each operational graph to provide granular insight into specific data as far down as the single transaction level. Via configuration, users of the dashboard are able to customize their own views and preferred visual graphs that are pertinent to their specific needs and KPI’s.

Another key feature of the Dashboard is the ability to configure operational alerts that notify supervisors of situations such as work orders requiring managerial oversight, impending due dates, and inventory levels in question.  These system-generated messages offer decision-makers a buffer of time to respond proactively to the operation and effectively redistribute workloads or troubleshoot incidents as needed while giving them future insight to streamline processes and maximize productivity.​

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