SaneBox Doubles Down on Efforts to Teach Time-Saving Techniques for Email

After announcing the formal launch of its Inbox Zero Academy last week, SaneBox today released an infographic to bolster the adoption of email triage, a highly praised yet little known method for inbox management.

​​In a continued push for email sanity, SaneBox, the popular email management tool, combined global research, internal data, and a tested method for email management into an entertaining yet highly valuable infographic, which the SaaS company released today. The infographic is part of a larger effort to get the world out on how triage, a medical approach to prioritizing the care of wounded patients, can be used to rapidly process incoming email.

During his research and talks with top productivity experts, Dmitri Leonov, vice president of growth at SaneBox, said that a pattern began to emerge.

“The most fascinating thing we noticed is that the people who consistently get to inbox zero happen to be the ones who get the most email. We’re talking entrepreneurs, CEOs, venture capitalists, and generally super busy people,” Leonov said. “They get over one thousand emails each day, but somehow manage to process those emails more efficiently than the ‘normal’ people who get a fraction of that volume.”

Intrigued, he and his team embarked on a mission to understand how this was accomplished.

The answer was applying triage to inbox management, a concept Leonov says was crystallized to him by Bill Liao, an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist.

“Bill put a final tweak on the optimal email flow which I adopted personally, and it changed my email life forever,” said Leonov.

Since adopting and seeing first-hand the benefits of triage for email management, the team at SaneBox has begun weaving its learnings into various educational channels. Most recently, this includes the free 10-day Inbox Zero Academy and today’s infographic, which can be found on the SaneBox blog.

“We spent the last five years building tools to help people hate their email a little less and to get to the mythical inbox zero,” said Leonov. “One lesson we learned early on is even the best tool is useless without applying the right process. Triage is that process.”

About SaneBox:

SaneBox is an incredibly smart email management system that saves the average user 2 to 3 hours per week by filtering and summarizing unimportant emails. It also provides users with a suite of features that help them fall in love with email again, including one-click unsubscribe, follow-up reminders, email tracking and more. Built by a team of friendly hackers with major technology experience, SaneBox works on top of your existing email account across all devices. Learn more at


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