runBus Emerges as the Most Trust Exclusive Best Ticket Booking Portal

runBus strives to provide the best deals on bus tickets with huge discounts. Through the portal, tickets can booked for all major routes across the country at the lowest prices.

runBus is a fast growing online bus ticket booking platform. And now it offers top-notch services to fulfill all needs of bus travelers across the country.

 Launched with the vision to provide a convenient and effective way to book tickets online, runBus is an exclusively dedicated portal effectively addressing all concerns related with booking bus tickets. At presents, it offers booking for tickets for a vast range of routes across the country.

The Portal has networked with a large number of bus operations plying through above 2500 routes nationwide. In today’s disorderly bus industry lacking the facility needed to provide better experience to travelers, runBus emerges as a boon for travelers as well as playing a very crucial role in reshaping the industry through user-friendly, advanced booking portal.

The runBus was officially incorporated in the year of 2012, but it started working effectively from 2013 and since then it has been working as a trusted and reliable portal to fast book or cancel tickets with zero hassles. It has an advanced and 24/7 operational inventory, which helps the portal be at forefront in the industry and delivers world-class bus ticketing services throughout the country in technologically advanced way. 

The portal is an offshoot of Stonehenge E-commerce Pvt. Ltd. a startup that has witnessed the fastest growth in the industry. “As we want to deliver services par users’ expectation, we employ the most latest advanced technology and highly expert professionals who enable us to address any issues pertaining to the booking promptly”, they quip, adding further that the arrival of runBus has a significant contribution to transform this disorderly industry into a systematic sector.”

runBus strives to provide the best deals on bus tickets with huge discounts. Moreover, it ensures 100% secure booking process with zero processing fees. It has a record of selling above one million tickets in the shortest span of time.  “We strive to emerge as one of the most reliable name in bus ticket booking industry by delivering the best quality services,” says the head of the marketing team.


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