Relaunched Affair Survival Website Talks Exclusively to Women

It takes two to make a relationship, but only one to break it. Michael Fulmer, owner of offers pragmatic advice and direction to women who face one of the most traumatic experiences of life: a marital infidelity.

July (2014) was a busy month for Michael Fulmer. It had him craft thousands of carefully constructed words, overhaul his women-only affair survival website "The Infidelity Trap," and put into action his new email support service. He told us:

"I have helped hundreds of women to feel better by simply acknowledging their pain, and letting them know the emotions they're feeling are normal. That's a big deal, right there. That it would be worrying if they didn't feel the way they were feeling. But there is so much more that can be done ..."

In addition to his site, Michael offers a short affair survival email series. It is free to receive. And contains his best work. More recently, Michael opened up a few email support slots. It is still in the experimental process. But early signs are excellent:

"I needed to be sure I was able to give the time and attention this project deserves, so I limited the numbers out the gate erring on the side of caution. It is going very well!"

One of the biggest questions post-affair is simply ... why? Michael explains that there are many potential causes, including a simple "infidelity trap," all of which can be read on his site. In addition, he helps to answer other important questions like "should you leave him?" and "will he do it again?" (and more.)

Not everyone can save their marriage. And neither should everyone. As Michael likes to say, "no good marriage ends!" — but if it can be saved, he has written a huge 6000+ word article to help.

Lastly, Michael was keen to point out that "women who find themselves a victim of an affair should seek the best help they can." But he recognises that not everyone can get that locally, nor afford it. So he felt it important to highlight that "... getting help on-line can be a great compromise, but whatever you do, just don't do this alone." 

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