Regeneca Worldwide, First to Combine Direct Response With Network Marketing

Regeneca Worldwide Inc, a leader and innovator in the direct sales industry, pioneers the combination of direct response with network marketing.

Regeneca Worldwide continues to redefine the direct sales industry by using direct response marketing in combination with network marketing, eliminating the age-old problems of both brand awareness and limited prospects for network marketers.

“I have believed for years that Direct Response and Network Marketing was an untapped game changer. I am very impressed with the vision and leadership of the Regeneca executive team in truly understanding, embracing and delivering on the power of direct response marketing for its distributors” stated Chad Murdock, producer of Regeneca’s Try Slim Now infomercial. Chad Murdock is a 25 year veteran in Direct Response successes like Hooked on Phonics®, and companies like Braun, Estee Lauder and Time Life Music. This infomercial trailer can be seen at regeneca(dot)com

“Two of the biggest problems in the network marketing industry are brand awareness and running out of prospects for distributors” said Trent Staggs, President of Regeneca Worldwide. “We all know people who have joined a network marketing organization that are now part of the ‘NFL’ – No Family Left or No Friends Left. Similarly, there have been several consumers of direct response marketed products that stop purchasing shortly after their initial purchase because of poor customer service and limited customer engagement. Combining the power of direct response with network marketing not only exponentially increases brand awareness of Regeneca and its products in the marketplace, it also creates a potentially unlimited stream of customers for our distributors. These customers are in turn provided with phenomenal customer service and education on the products, given the very individualized financial incentive for our distributors”.

“The cost of acquisition for our distributors is a fraction of traditional marketing methods for consumers that come in through the direct response channel” continued Mr. Staggs. “In addition, the lifetime customer value of that direct response customer is about three times the network marketing average. Regeneca is simply ahead of the curve with regard to competitors in our space and are providing something that no other network marketing company has or can possibly deliver at this time.”

About Regeneca Worldwide 
Regeneca Worldwide is a leader in the direct sales industry, offering the highest-quality products that focus on regenerating the health and wellness of their customers at the cellular level. They are headquartered in Cottonwood Heights, UT and market their products through the unique combination of independent distributors and direct response marketing. Some of their products include the appetite suppressant RegeneSlim™, the bio active beverage RegeneBlend™, and the stem cell repairing RegeneFit™. For more information, see the company website at regeneca(dot)com or email


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