Proper Signage Key for Local Marketing, Says 1 Day Banner

Local marketing needs good search engine optimization, a responsive website—and, according to 1 Day Banner, some good-old-fashioned signage.

Though marketing has become increasingly digitized, and even local marketing requires a robust online presence, there is still a need for old-fashioned signage—including vinyl signs and banners to alert passersby to big sales, grand openings, and other important store promotions. In a new statement to the press, 1 Day Banner, a company based in Orange, California, shares some insights into the enduring need for traditional signage.

Online traffic is obviously critical, but there is still something to be said for physical traffic,” comments a 1 Day Banner representative. “For smaller companies looking to make inroads with the locals, there is much value in attention-grabbing signage.”

For smaller companies looking to make inroads with the locals, there is much value in attention-grabbing signage.
1 Day Banner provides custom banners and vinyl signage for companies throughout Southern California and beyond. The company is known for its fast banners, and in fact, overnight banners are readily available, in addition to superlative customer service and competitive prices.

Local marketing is a complex field, and requires the use of a diverse array of tools and techniques. Responsive, mobile-friendly websites are a must, as are listings in local directories. Social media can be highly advantageous, so long as it is strategic and intentional. Email lists and paid advertising can also help bring in customers from the Internet. As valuable as all of these tools are, none of them replace traditional word-of-mouth and physical signage.

“Simply put, you need to attract local customers, many of whom you will reach via mobile devices but some of whom will be drawn in through the physical appearance of your store—and that requires you to have some decent signage,” comments the 1 Day Banner representative. “We encourage local business owners to remember that not all marketing is done on the Internet.”

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