Proof Management Uses Negotiation to Build Relationships

Leadership at Proof Management understands that strong relationships begin with good impressions and negotiation strategies in which everyone wins. The firm's director explained this philosophy in greater detail.

“The world of business is just as competitive as ever,” said Lindsay, Proof Management’s director of operations. “It’s not acceptable for any company leader to rest on his or her laurels – stagnation is the only outcome of doing so. That’s why my colleagues and I are constantly innovating. It’s how we stay ahead in this industry.”

According to Lindsay, goal setting is a vital part of the firm’s evolution. She and her fellow leaders set milestones pertaining to sales, profit, and revenue, all of which are relatively easy to measure. However, they also anticipate targets in other areas, such as team growth and customer satisfaction. These areas are a bit more difficult to measure, but Lindsay manages to do so with some creativity.

Proof Management’s Director Identifies Benchmarks for Quality Professional Relationships

Lindsay was eager to offer an example of her approach to setting goals for less tangible matters. “It’s certainly trickier to set and assess goals for customer relationships, for instance, than it is for financial issues,” she continued. “My team members and I must think about what it really means to satisfy the people with whom we do business. We try to be as specific as possible, but we stick to the overall theme of mutual benefit. Every case should be a win/win.”

Proof Management’s director explained that the win/win concept is a common approach to negotiation. As such, the team members spend a great deal of time developing their negotiation skills. “We don’t just say we’re going to satisfy more people,” Lindsay indicated. “We take it much deeper. This means planning for the long term. A good business relationship is one that lasts. To make it happen, parties on both sides must trust one another. They must feel confident that their counterparts will honor all agreements and will conduct business with honesty and respect.”

“I also think it’s important to note that for a professional relationship to work, the goals of both parties don’t always need to coincide,” Lindsay concluded. “In fact, they may sometimes seem downright oppositional. It doesn’t mean both sides can’t get what they want, as long as they focus their attention on how they can work together to achieve their respective goals. I believe there’s always a way to reach a compromise that brings value to all parties involved.”

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Proof Management is a high-performance interactive marketing firm dedicated to outstanding service. Their team of skilled and versatile branding specialists applies a dynamic promotions approach that ensures immediate impact and lasting connections between companies and customers. By combining precise planning with efficient implementation strategies, Proof Management drives brand growth while providing a high return on investment. The firm is a community-oriented organization that maintains a commitment to giving back. By participating in wide-ranging philanthropy initiatives, Proof Management supports the regions that have enabled their success.

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