Private Visa Services Agency Offers Expediting Service For Passports And Travel Visas

Indian Visa Center offers assistance with passport, travel and visa services. The company also provides help with the PIO Card Application Form.

The Indian Visa Center is pleased to announce that the firm provides an Indian visa application service at nominal fees. The professionals at the IVC offer visa applications, as well as a private passport expediting service. This service is intended to make it easier to prepare for travel visas and other passport and visa services. The OCI card application process is another service which is provided by the firm. Applicants can so obtain visas directly by going to consulates, where the fees are lower for the government fee portion. IVC charges a service fee of $150 per service.

According to a spokesperson for the company, “IVC offers assistance in obtaining an Overseas Citizenship of India (OCT) status for clients. Under this stipulation, any personnel who are eligible to become an Indian citizen if they meet the specific regulations. They must have belonged to an Indian territory as of August 15, 1947. Children and grandchildren of these applicants are also eligible. We also help applicants through the OCI card application process.”

He continues, “It is crucial the ensure that passports are kept up to date, since it establishes identity, regardless of where you are traveling. Before the passport expires, it is critical to get the document renewed. Today's technology allows for individuals to apply for a passport renewal online. IVC will assist with the passport renewal application online and the fees are reasonable.”

Another service provided by the Indian Visa Center is the Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Card. This plan has been withdrawn beginning early in 2015. Applicants from that date onward should apply for an OCI card only. Previously, any person with Indian antecedents who had a valid passport of any other country could apply online for a PIO card application form. However, applicants or family members who have held citizenship in certain countries are not eligible. These countries include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan or Sri Lanka.

Contact Information:

Company: Indian Visa Center

Address: 261-03 Hillside Avenue, Floral Park, NY  11004

Contact Telephone Number: (718) 554 0000




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