Post All Star News Digs Deeper Into Jeffrey Epstein Scandal, Calling For Action

In the recent issue of Post All Star News, Deputy Publisher Flo Anthony continues her coverage of the scandal surrounding convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Flo digs deeper as she reveals the alleged misjustice that has been served, as a result of Epstein’s connections and ties to powerful individuals, allowing him milder repercussions for his actions.

Flo goes on to reveal Epstein’s role as manager of a trillion dollar hedge fund owned by the US Virgin Island Commerce Agency, while he continues to also hold on to an additional trillion dollars belonging to the 200,000 victims.

While Efforts by CEO of New York Post Publishing Steven Hoffenberg and his attorneys have been made in attempt to hold Jeffrey Epstein liable for funds owed to the victims, none of these monies have been recovered to this date.

In the article, Attorney Piacentini calls for action and justice to be served. “As of this date, you have continuously taken no action to assist Mr. Hoffenberg in his attempt to make restitution,” writes Attorney Piacentini.

“No one who has violated the rights of numerous children to be free from forcible sexual molestation by a pervert should be permitted by the regulatory authority of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands to be in charge of and manage a trillion dollar Hedge Fund,” he concludes.

About Post All Star News

Started in 2014 by Maria Santiago and husband/business mogul Steven Hoffenberg, Post All Star News strives to deliver a new voice in news reporting. With contributors such as Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. Arianna Huffington and the legendary, Liz Smith, Post All Star News has big plans as they continue to grow. “We’re confident, we’re strong, we’re ready to bring back the legend of the newspaper by creating a more contemporary, relevant version of it,” says Santiago. And if her actions speak even half as loud as her words, she and Hoffenberg, along with Deputy Editor Publisher Flo Anthony, will be well on their way.


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