Ponvia Technology Inc. Announces Nextnova, an Omni-Channel Customer Experience Application Platform

The Company's Eagerly Anticipated New Platform-as-a-Service Offering Will Dramatically Expedite Development of New Customer-Centric Applications While Also Lowering Total Cost of Ownership

Ponvia Technology (www.ponvia.com), a leader in the fields of customer interaction management, contact center operations, and cloud communication solutions, has just released their latest development, a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product named Nextnova (www.nextnova.com). Nextnova will enable enterprises to swiftly and cost-effectively develop and launch new applications geared toward enhanced customer interaction and satisfaction.

Nextnova is a vaunted as a one-stop, all-in-one platform requiring minimal time and effort between the conception and deployment of new applications. All functionality needed for the development of a feature-rich, automated "app" is centralized in cloud-based Nextnova; the client need not acquire IT infrastructure, software engineering expertise, or to invest sizeable capital in order to design their customized, customer experience-oriented applications.

"Customers today want to engage with their chosen brands in multiple ways, from text to social media to voice," said Ponvia Co-President and CTO Rory Herriman. "As an enabler for Omni-channel customer experience, Nextnova allows a client to develop an app that can integrate all of that functionality while also tracking various metrics of how people use an application. With that data, our clients can adapt the customer experience and respond to their customers' behaviors in near real-time."

The Nextnova platform also has built in security measures ensuring that both customer and client data remains safe from interception and that service remains free of disruption. Nextnova is more than simply a new take on the app development process; it is a true generational progression toward using the growing ubiquity of and customer comfort with cloud-based services. By conducting all operations on the cloud, from app development and construction to actual customer interaction, Nextnova means safer, faster, and more engaging applications are now available to most any forward-thinking brand.

"When the interaction is the same  from your phone, your tablet, your computer, and even a smart TV, that interaction is quickly going to define the customer experience you have every time with your chosen brands," said Dan Chutich, COO of Ponvia. "The process is almost entirely automated, meaning minimal cost and effort once an app is launched, but the app can be so fine-tuned to your customers' needs that each person using it gets the benefit of a genuine brand/customer interaction."

About Ponvia Technology, Inc.

Ponvia Technology is a nationally recognized leader in the customer interaction sector, with specialization in customer interaction management consulting. Recently the company has entered the arena of providing clients various cloud-based communication and application services such as their Nextnova platform-as-a-service. By applying the same rigor to its cloud communications operations as the company has dedicated to nearly two decades of other services, they are proving to be an industry disruptor.

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