Platinum Labs Maintains Ingredient Transparency Following Popular Pre-Workout Supplement Controversy

The US filed criminal charges against an international supplement company, sellers of a popular pre-workout workout supplement that contains the illegal ingredient, DMAA. Platinum Labs now promises its consumers to maintain complete ingredient transparency at

The US Justice Department recently announced that six executives from an international supplement company have been indicted with criminal charges for the unlawful sale of nutritional supplements that contain potentially lethal ingredients. The popular pre-workout supplement has been found to contain DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine), which is illegal according to the FDA.

The indictment states that an international supplement company practiced misrepresentation by telling retailers its supplements were made from plant extracts, whereas they were actually manufactured from synthetic stimulants sourced from China. Amidst the popular pre-workout supplement controversy, Platinum Labs, a renowned name in the supplement industry, has promised to provide its consumers with only the highest quality of products and maintain complete ingredient transparency.

Consumer Reaction

According to the NBJ, the US supplement industry is estimated to be as large as $37 billion, consisting of millions of consumers of varying age groups. Following the arrest of the executives from the international supplement company, consumers of the nutritional supplements throughout the country have started campaigning for higher ingredient transparency. They believe that most brands do not display all of their ingredients on their labels, creating room for doubt.

“Consumers need to evaluate and scrutinize their supplement company to ensure that the company is being honest about its products,” states Director of Platinum Labs, a renowned name in the supplement industry. “We at Platinum Labs use medical-grade processes and legal and safe ingredients in all our products. Not only that, the research and development experts in our manufacturing sites make sure that our products contain the right amount of each ingredient, making them safe for human consumption and effective in their functionality.”

As an award-winning (supplement of the year, pre-workout of the year and weight loss supplement of the year 2015) and widely recognized supplement company, Platinum Labs have decided to take the lead in the “ingredient transparency” movement by displaying 100% of their ingredients on all the labels as well as showing specific amounts of each constituent. The company hopes to win and maintain the trust of its consumers, while proving that their health is in safe hands.

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Striving to provide the highest quality of supplements, Platinum Labs takes great pride in offering the best possible solutions to consumers and never compromising on quality. Each supplement made by the company is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities while keeping consumer satisfaction in mind. The company caters solely to individuals who seek to possess the highest quality of supplements with the top quality and medical grade ingredients. More information about Platinum Labs and its range of supplements can be found on


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