Paul Laubach To Release Amusing and Informative Guide to Playing America's Best Golf Courses

On June 9th, self-proclaimed golf addict Paul Laubach will release his first book, "Confessions of a Golfaholic: A Guide to Playing America's Top 100 Public Golf Courses."

​​In June 2010, Paul Laubach made the unfortunate decision to play all of the top 100 golf courses available to the public per Golf Magazine. Spread over 45 months, he managed to complete his goal despite numerous weather, course maintenance, and other logistical issues... not to mention his own “senior moment.” Through all his journeys (87,814 miles by air, 17,051 by land), Laubach managed to collect detailed information, ratings, musings, tips, and experiences about every single course. The full-color insert photos demonstrate Laubach’s eye for detail and for a good joke.

During the trek, he suffered two frozen shoulders, a bad lower back, golfers elbow (left) tennis elbow (right), three major sunburns, hundreds of mosquito bites, poison oak, plus numerous cuts and bruises from chasing errant shots into the woods, desert, and other prickly flora. None of this was as painful as covering the cost of 117 Pro V1’s lost along the way. A confirmed golf addict and cheapskate, he chronicles his adventures for his heirs (who will probably get nothing else, as he wasted the estate on this boondoggle).

Paul Laubach isn’t a professional golfer, nor is he a professional golf critic, but any serious (or not so serious) golfer who opens his book will realize he knows his stuff. His narrative writing employs a clever, self-deprecating humor, while his course guides offer more than enough detail to satisfy those in the most advanced stages of golfaholism.

Entertainment and detail on every page, Confessions of a Golfaholic is the perfect gift for those afflicted with the golf addiction.


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