New V18-Recording Monitor and Front Door Camera

Intrasonic Technolgy, Inc of Dallas, Texas, a leading manufacturer of Whole Home Music and Intercom Distribution systems as well as Security Equipment announces a new Recording Monitor to its product line.

The V304KIT Front Door Camera and Monitor will offer a new monitor in addition to its present one, a V18-Recording Monitor.  Current customers requested an easy and affordable way to capture an image with a front door camera monitoring system because of the current trends in how burglars are now breaking into homes.​ 

According to Palo Alto Online, a news agency for Palo Alto, California residents: Palo Alto police said the incident is an example of a recurring type of residential crime: burglars who ring front door bells, posing as a solicitor or visitor, to see of anyone is home. Once they determine the house is empty, they go to the relative privacy of the house's yard, usually by way of an unlocked side gate, to find a way to break in, police stated.”  

From the website of CBS Minnesota from June 2013:  According to Burnsville Police Chief Eric Gieseke, the burglaries occurred between May 21 and June 26. "The suspect or suspects usually strike during daytime hours. They knock on the front door or ring the doorbell of a residence, and if no one comes to the door, they force their way inside.”

One way the new monitor will assist in this current crime trend is to automatically take a picture of anyone who rang the doorbell during the day.  Once the resident checks their monitor they can then retrieve the pictures from the entire day, up to 240 pictures.  If indeed there had been a break-in, law enforcement can then see a picture of the criminal.​

Another great feature of this Recording Monitor is the ability to capture an image of someone while you are speaking with them.  This gives the resident security of knowing they can then retrieve a picture of someone that might have been overly aggressive or had made threats.  


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