New Force In Serbian Freemasonry

The unification of all Freemasons in Serbia under one Grand Lodge remains one of the major aims of the long range planning of the United Grand Lodges of Serbia.

United Grand Lodges of Serbia, Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons is sovereign, regular and recognized Masonic Grand Lodge with its headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia. United Grand Lodges have under its protection twenty two just and duly constituted Lodges with over six hundred members.

Continuing honorable traditions of the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia, founded in 1919, put to sleep in 1940, and then again awaken in 1990, United Grand Lodges of Serbia were founded on June 8th 2006, as a result of the desire of Serbian Freemasons from different groups and fractions, to unite under one roof. Lodges under protection of the UGLS work in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Loznica, Kruševac, Ċuprija, Zrenjanin, and Sombor.

The Temple of the United Grand Lodges of Serbia, erected in Belgrade in 2008, was the very first Masonic Temple built in Serbia after the Second World War. UGLS Library is first specialized Masonic Library in the Region of Western Balkans.

PGM V.S. Markovic, Chairman of the UGLS Foreign Relations Committee told us: “As Freemasons, we submit to all tenets, principles, and ancient traditions of Freemasonry, which means that we believe in the Supreme Being, that the Book of the Sacred Law is always open on the Altar while the Lodge is at work, that we don’t discuss religion and politics in our Lodges, and that we are Brotherhood open for membership for all free men of good report, regardless of their religious beliefs, race, nationality, language, or social origin. Faith in God, Charity, and Brotherly Love are three supporting pillars of our Brotherhood.”

Under protection, and with the support of the United Grand Lodges of Serbia, works since 2007, a Charity organization “Nezaboravak” (Forget-Me_Not), that had organized so far a number of charity events with the purpose of supporting those in Serbian society who are in need of help and assistance. All there humanitarian actions are supported by the public authorities and institutions, international organizations and public. One of the most important programs was the organ donors program. Besides these joined activities through the charity organization of the Grand Lodge, individual Lodges and members regularly support various charity events and actions in the Serbian society.

The unification of all Freemasons in Serbia under one Grand Lodge remains one of the major aims of the long range planning of the UGLS. We are working hard with the strong support of the international Masonic community to bring leaders of the United Grand Lodges of Serbia and Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia to the table to discuss the future of the Freemasonry in Serbia”- Past Grand Master Markovic said.

United Grand Lodges of Serbia are certainly a new force in Serbian Freemasonry with many achievements and much to contribute to the worldwide community of Freemasons.


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