Neil Dhillon Predicted 2014 GOP Gains Six Months Before Election Day

Neil Dhillon correctly forecast Republican Congressional gains in April 2014 Location: Washington, DC

Neil Dhillon is a lobbyist and Global Public Affairs professional based in Washington, DC. He is an expert on Legislative and Regulatory reform and a veteran Communication Strategist.
Neil Dhillon distinguished himself in early 2014 by accurately predicting the Republican Party would win control of the U.S. Senate in the 2014-midterm elections, and that the GOP would also increase its majority in the House of Representatives. Both of those predictions were made in April 2014, and both of them came to pass as the Republican won big on November 4th.

And yet Neil Dhillon says that with President Barack Obama’s low approval ratings and the traditional gains made by any opposing part in the mid-term elections, his forecast did not represent any particular wizardry or successful crystal ball gazing. Rather, he says that the Republican gains were inevitable. “There’s an added clincher that a large population of newly registered Republican voters are Asian and Hispanics, and that will further propel the Republicans in November,” Neil Dhillon said at the time, adding, “The President’s pressure on Congress on Immigration Reform, Energy Dependence, Federal Deficit, and Health Care will continue to determine whether his approval rating will rise or lower over the next few months.”

In the aftermath of the election, Neil Dhillon expects that the Republicans will go ahead with an attempt to repeal President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act. Such a move, commentators say, would be largely symbolic, as the Republicans do not have enough votes to defeat a Democratic filibuster.

Neil Dhillon has some thirty years of experience in global public affairs, legislative and regulatory reform, advocacy, crisis and strategic communications, and thought leadership platforms. He is the former Chief of Staff to Congressman Robert Matsui, the late California Democrat, and was a senior congressional aide to former President Bill Clinton. Neil Dhillon was a managing director for two leading global public affairs agencies, and has received awards for his public affairs and communications programs. He is currently a Global Public Affairs specialist at NA Consulting Services. Neil Dhillon attended The American University in Washington, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 1984.


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Neil Dhillon is a lobbyist and Global Affairs Professional Services. He has thirty years of experience in public affairs and policy and advocacy.

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