Mount Pleasant Announces Bonus Point Program

Mount Pleasant is a veterinary group that has a chain of clinics and service centres across Singapore. The group offers multiple care solutions for all kinds of pets.

Mount Pleasant veterinary group in Singapore has recently announced their plan to give bonus points to their customers. These points will be given on every transaction made and services provided, except for prescription diets and third party party services like external laboratory tests or transportation.

The points can be accumulated and exchanged for other services or discounts on bills. The program doesn’t require you to enter any membership or pay any extra charges for enrollment. All customers, regardless of the tenure of services, are eligible to benefit from the program.
A spokesperson for the group says, “We understand that pet owners want to give the best to their pets and therefore, our program enables them to get more services at less prices. It will help every pet to get enhanced care.”

He further says, “The bonus point program is an endeavor from Mount Pleasant to acknowledge and appreciate every customer who chooses to take our services. With this program, we hope to take a step towards more cordial relationships with our clients.”

There are certain terms and conditions to avail the benefits. For example, the pet has to be a registered patient in Mount Pleasant’s records. The points will be awarded directly to the client’s account and not anyone else’s. The client must have made the full payment upfront in case of out-patient services or at the time of discharge in case of in-patient services. The bonus points can be only redeemed at the clinic where the treatment was provided; one cannot avail the benefit in any other branch.

About Us:

Mount Pleasant is the leading veterinary care chain in Singapore that provides complete solutions for pet care -- from health check-ups to private funerals.

Mount Pleasant was established in 1985 and since then has grown into 9 branches that are located strategically across the island. They have a modern tertiary care centre as well an after hours emergency centre to provide immediate attention to pets in need.     

They are known for their advanced approach towards animal care and their approach includes acupuncture and herbal medicines as well.

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Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group (MPVG) is the leading veterinary services provider of Singapore. Founded in 1985, MPVG has 9 centers conveniently spread across the entire island.

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