Mobile App helps Radiologists Spend Less Time Googling and More Time Making Quality Reports

A new version of RadsBest, a mobile decision support app for radiologists, is now available FREE on the Apple App Store

The newest version of RadsBest has just launched and is available as a free download for iOS devices from the Apple App Store. This mobile app short-circuits complex guidelines about management of radiologic findings, turning them into a simple tap-based interface. Created by Medocratic LLC, RadsBest helps radiologists improve the quality and consistency of their radiologic reports by making it simple to incorporate published guidelines and consensus statements into their reports.  

Research has shown that busy radiologists don't use these guidelines nearly as much as they would like.  The app removes many hurdles by aggregating these guidelines in one place, making them quick to access, and simple to navigate.  Made by radiologists who understand the importance of efficiency, it works offline and employs a smart algorithm that minimizes unnecessary taps and screen changes.  In other words, it is built for speed. 

The app includes a host of tools, including recent ACR white papers on the management of incidental findings, management of contrast reactions, premedication for contrast allergies, as well as TNM staging for many cancers.

"As radiologists, we're really focused on the "fifth monitor" and it's potential to revolutionize healthcare. Our mobile tools align the often skewed goals of helping physicians do their jobs more easily, more efficiently, and with improved quality. This new version will help us reach more radiologists and help them craft more consistent, actionable, useful reports…and always on their terms."

Roy Kwak, M.D.

Founder, Medocratic LLC

RadsBest eliminates the need for busy radiologists to constantly search for or look-up important management guidelines.  By aggregating them into one place and making the algorithms simple to navigate, it helps to accelerate the adoption of these medical society supported guidelines. 

Version 1.1 of RadsBest has additional tools and incorporates in-app purchase-able content.  It has been redesigned for iOS7 and now incorporates the ability to login with Doximity, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  Once logged in, the app works offline and does not contain any ads or promotional content.  New tools are added to the app regularly through the cloud. 

RadsBest is available as a free download for iOS devices from the Apple App Store.  The app is available in English worldwide.

Please visit for more information about the app.

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