Metal Cutting Corporation Invests in Haas OL-1 for Small, Precise Lathe Turned Parts

Metal Cutting continuously invests in process improvements and new tools, such as the Haas OL-1, for producing small, precise parts that meets customers' stringent requirements.

As a precision metal fabricating company since 1967, Metal Cutting Corporation continually invests in new tools and improvements to its processes in order to produce parts that meet customers' stringent requirements for small sizes, tight tolerances, and quick turnarounds. 

Adding to its other small diameter CNC lathe machining capabilities, Metal Cutting has now acquired a Haas OL-1 for customers requiring very small and precise lathe turned parts. The Haas OL-1 is designed for high production of small parts, offering speed and reliability for such applications as dedicated small-part production, second-operation parts, short runs, and rapid prototyping.

The Haas OL-1 is manufactured in the United States and features a 7.5-horsepower servo drive and 6000-RPM spindle; gang-style tooling that enables fast tool changes for short cycle times; and full-function CNC controls for ISO standard G-code programming. The OL-1 has a maximum cutting diameter of 4.95" (125.70 mm), maximum bar diameter of 1.06" (26.90 mm), maximum torque of 6.7 ft-lb (9.1 Nm), and maximum cutting rate of 500.0”/min (12.7 m/min).


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