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Living Holmes Design is a reputed organization that is passionate and dedicated about providing pioneering gardening solutions and garden art as unique as those who initiated them. The organization comprises of experienced employees who are well versed in the arts of landscaping, artwork and sculpture, development & manufacturing of the product, as well as sales and marketing.

With experienced of over more than 4 years, the company have constantly been into the development, designing and installation of vertical gardens. With their experience, the company has created their very own range of affordable solutions which are made in such a manner so as to facilitate different vertical garden solutions. All these solutions are branded under the name of VertiScape which helps the company to identify the advanced vertical gardening solutions in accordance to the design, location and individual budget.

Servicers offer by Living Holmes Design

Since 2009, the company have had been leading in delivering vertical garden and green wall technology. They specialize in custom-made installations throughout Australia. Working under the brand name of Vertiscape, the company offers the largest range of green wall solutions and various affordable products. Some of them are as follows:

Large Scale Hydroponic Installations: Hydroponic is the art of growing plants without the use of soil. With the advanced hydroponic installations, one can easily nurture and set up a very own living garden. These installations make them hassle free since one does not have to be worried about watering the plants after every few minutes.

Interchangeable wall modules with light-weight soil medium: These modules, as their name implies, can be easily fixed to any sort of wall. These are similar to small pots with a little amount of soil which is efficient for growing plants. These wall modules are made of lightweight materials which make them easy to be changed.

Medium scale units complete with reticulation systems: These units are similar to small rectangular pots, each of which can hold more than one plant, arranged in a line. The reticulation system makes it possible to water all the plants in a single go. Thus one would require minimal space, enough only for setting up these systems.

Green wall facades: These facades are made of the lightweight material and are of the latest designs which make them appropriate as a decorative piece of structure for the interiors of the house. These facades can be used to hook up the small pots and tied the creeper like plants.

Vertical farming products: The Company also offers a wide range of advanced and quality products which can be used for setting up a very own vertical garden. They offer the most productive vertical hydroponics and other gardening materials which can be also used for growing small vegetative plants.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, the company also extends its services into landscaping & designing.

Why to choose Living Holmes Design?

Living Holmes Design has a team of dedicated and passionate people who are always working to provide the best support and customer service to its customers. They aim at delivering a professional level of service throughout different corporate and private businesses.

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Living Holmes Design is a team of passionate people dedicated to providing innovative gardening solutions and garden art as unique as the people who commission them.

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