Leading Domain Service Provider BrandDoBrings Interface for Selling Domains

BrandDo launches a global marketplace to help domainers selling exclusive and professional business domain names through it.

After investing a huge sum for securing premium brandable domain names, BrandDo is all set to make a new episode with its recently launched interface to help domainers sell their domains through company. Currently, the website is up with a comprehensive catalog of more than 500 brand able business domains that are perfectlynamed to use for branding any niche product or company.

Speaking of its ownership of premium business domains, the sales director at BrandDo announced that the company boasts of a turnover of $380K over the entire 2014, which is much expected to reach $500K by the closing of 2015. At present, BrandDo possess a huge collection of professional domain names which are skillfully selected byits highly experienced team of domain and marketing experts.  According to the sales director, each of the brandable domains is well customized to meet out the diverse requirements. Not only do theyhelp in attracting target audience, but also come up with significant additional benefits.

In a recent interview he has said that BrandDois currently targeting the small startups that are looking to create an identity of their products and service. By providing a catchy and unique name, BrandDo endows a startup, with the desired appeal which piques the interest level of the audience.

In addition to serve the diverse business needs, BrandDo's exclusive domain names can also be effectively used for various other sectors including society, science,recreation, computing, homes, sports and art.  In fact, this well customized range of domains can be effectively used in sectors like e-commerce, blogs and information sites. In addition, the comprehensive service offered by BrandDo goes an extra mile to create an effective creditability online and that too within a short span of time. Naturally that will raise brand awareness.

All the BrandDo’s business domain names are coming up with professional logo, which a buyer can also use without paying an additional cost.With a professional logo, a business can develop it’s own identity and credibility within a short time, which pays off in the long run.

Keeping the present scenario in mind, BrandDo’s Sales Director said that the company is soon going to be the largest provider of business domain names across the world.

About BrandDo

BrandDo is one of the leading providers of professional domain names and that seeks to provide small startups and SMEs a credible identity. Over the past few years, we are helping companies to grow as a successful e-commerce enterprise. Recently, we have come up with a customized global marketplace where domainers can effortlessly showcase and sell domains. The company was launched in 2011 and soon it has become a premier name in the industry as a provider of professional business domain names. Presently, the company boats of an intellectual base comprising of talented business and marketing professionals.

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Company: BrandDo
Contact Number: 1.4182629275 
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Website: http://www.BrandDo.com


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