Launches 2.0, the Future of Law launched a brand new website this morning, developed to revolutionize the legal industry. launched a brand new website this morning. The new website will revolutionize the attorney client relationship and challenge the status quo. Not only this, it will greatly benefit the attorney’s in developing new client relationships as well as staying connected and maintaining that relationship moving forward.

Our brand new technology will allow attorney’s to operate virtually (online) and thus reduce their limitations. This will significantly reduce the costs to attorneys, as well as, their clients. Some of the features that our updated platform will bring to market include video conferencing (virtual attorney consultations), instant messaging, and booking consultations & future appointments. The platform even lets clients post reviews about their experience with the attorney. The reviews provide pivotal information for all future clientele. Another key addition to is the attorney’s ability to accept secured payments from consumers. This is a vital addition for smaller law firms with limited resources.

Moreover, attorneys will be able to keep their clients updated by making live posts. Attorneys can post updates about their firm, cases and more. They have access to a dedicated dashboard that guides them in configuring and customizing their profile information and allows them to track their activity on the website.


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