Latest Release of Donor Engage Enhances Donation Processing & Receipting

Multi-award winning Microsoft Partner Altus Dynamics builds on the success of their Donor Engage product with a new release that has expanded existing functionality and adds entirely new features to the product and benefits to customers.

Since its initial launch, Donor Engage has garnered significant interest amongst the non-profit community. As raising funds are a core part of their ability to operate, non-profits are always looking for more efficient tools to help them maximize their potential. When such a tool also aligns with their wider IT strategy, removing information silos and multiple non-communicating systems, even better. This is where Donor Engage has excelled; a donation management tool that sits inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, leveraging all the integrations it brings to the wider Microsoft family of software products.

In the new release, Altus Dynamics has expanded the functionality of Donor Engage’s split donations processing, allowing one donation to be divided across a number of causes and rolled up to the master donor record. The growth in split donations allows organizations to receive a single donation with the ability to easily split within a single view. Added to this, organizational tax receipts now also reflect the splits. General receipting has been enhanced with improvements to the Altus Dynamics’ WordMerge tool for CRA compliance as well as management of the receipting process at a donor record level for items such as soft crediting and non-charitable donations.

This new version only enhances an already robust donation management tool with advanced donation tracking – tracking that allows you to easily search for donors, offers duplicate detection, pledge management, gift management, etc.

“Donor Engage is one of those tools that clients are immediately drawn to once they see it in action.” comments Colin Dickinson, CEO, Altus Dynamics, “They love what it can do and also that it sits inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allowing organizations to benefit from all the extended features that come out of the box with a CRM system.”

To learn more about Donor Engage and how our clients are benefiting from the solution, read our Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Church of Canada, or our Victoria Cool Aid Society news release – all recent new Donor Engage clients.

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Altus Dynamics has served the non-profit, social services, public sector and education communities for more than 10 years. Altus Dynamics leverages Microsoft Dynamics technology and combines it with industry expertise to help organizations make a difference in their communities. Altus Dynamics supports more than 19,000 end-users including non-profits, K12, private and independent schools and higher education institutions, healthcare organizations, community agencies, arts and cultural organizations, foundations and other charitable giving entities.

The company offers a full suite of cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions as well as related services for organizations of all sizes. Altus Dynamics product suite includes non-profit fundraising, relationship management, accounting, employee web apps, human resources, payroll, grant management and CRM. Recognized as a leading software provider for non-profits, Altus Dynamics headquarters is in Toronto, Canada as well as Chicago, IL with clients all over North America.

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