"LaRussa's Grip" Tool Securing System

"LaRussa's Grip" Tool Securing System eliminates the accidental dropping of tools, thus preventing injury to those below.

LaRussa’s Grip is a flexible sheathe that snugly grips any size hand tool by fastening them to a workers belt or lanyard. It has a two (2) part assembly that consists of an applicator and a pliable sheathe. The applicator portion is a high-tensiled spring grip mechanism designed in a scissors-like configuration. The applicator serves to expand the grip to accommodate the tool by positioning the handle securely inside the grip. It is designed with the idea in mind to provide a safe and efficient means of preventing various tools from accidentally being dropped, causing injury or being lost or misplaced while in use.

The Patent Pending LaRussa’s Grip was invented by Luqman “Luke” LaRussa of  Lake Charles, Louisana, who said, “The LaRussa’s Grip benefits the tool’s user by preventing injuries to others caused by falling tools that create both dangerous and costly work related accidents. This problem is easily solved using the Grip as it not only enhances tool safety, but it requires little effort on the user’s part."

The inventor added, "The low production cost of easily accessible materials used in the manufacture of the Grip ensures a high profit margin, making this an attractive addition to the bottom line of a company’s product line.

"This fits perfectly and adds to the grip of any tool on which it is used."

Lugman "Luke" LaRussia


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