Kickstarter Campaign Videos: Essential Component to Emphasize Cause and Pave Way for Project Success

Professional video specialist JoycoMultiMedia shows how a Kickstarter campaign has become successfully funded with the help of a powerful video.

Joyco MultiMedia, a company specializing in professional video production, emphasizes that a quality video is indispensable to a Kickstarter campaign. The team’s recent milestone involves the development of a video for a Kickstarter project by ANIMALOOZA, with the aim of advancing elementary education.

Successfully funded in 2014, the campaign highlights an educational and interactive animated live performance starring the entire student body of U.S. elementary school. Joyco MultiMedia was the team behind the development of the ANIMALOOZA video, as shown in the project’s campaign page.

Shane DeRolf of ANIMALOOZA Kids Club said about the Denver video production specialist: "Special thanks to the incredibly talented team at Joyco for all their help in making out Kickstarter video such a success! We exceeded our goal and the experience of working with the Joyco pros was second to none. A+++!!!!"

While not required in Kickstarter campaigns, an engaging video is deemed vital. It is considered a powerful vehicle for communicating the passion, the sincerity, and the information behind the project.

Kickstarter videos also provide a creative way to convey the idea without making potential supporters read about the lengthy details of it – al it while creatively spreading awareness. To most project starters, the challenge lies in giving people a video that will clearly walk them through the facts of the campaign and not leave out the motivational and fun side of it.

To help Kickstarter projects achieve their goal, Joyco MultiMedia offers 130 years of collective experience in producing professional, award-winning promotional, training or product videos for clients all over the country. The company was established in 1987, and has since developed a wide range of music videos, television spots and web videos for highly effective advertisements or presentations across all media platforms.

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