Judge Voluntarily Dismisses Facebook Case Against Rapper

P. Moses Says Judge Maliciously Prosecuted Her For Political Speech

On October 7, 2015, Pamela Moses aka P. Moses appeared in Division 8 at 140 Adams before the Honorable Judge Robert Samual Weiss, in Shelby County Circuit Court, Memphis, TN. Moses was set to appear for trial on a petition for the order of protection filed by Judge Phyllis Gardner. On June 6, 2015, Moses was granted a de novo appeal by the Honorable Senior Judge Paul Summers of Nashville. Moses filed a cross­complaint prior to the October hearing alleging that Gardner defamed and slandered her by calling her a sovereign citizen. Moses maintained that she had been denied Due Process in the lower court and not permitted to call witnesses due to her false arrest in December. During the hearing, Moses stated that, according to the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure, she had a constitutional right to be heard by a jury of 12 people, and she requested Judge Weiss recuse himself. Weiss opted to take the request for recusal under advisement and then proceeded to continue the trial for another date. Subsequently, the court struck Moses’ cross­complaint from the record that included defamation and seven other counts, for intentional infliction of emotional distress, interference with business contracts, racketeering under RICO, and conspiracy. Upon a heated exchange of legal opinions between Moses and County Attorney John Paul Jones, the court took a brief recess. Before the court could rule and give a new court date, Judge Phyllis Gardner moved for a voluntary nonsuit, and her attorney agreed to pay all court fees. Moses contended she was entitled to attorney fees and Judge Weiss stated she was not an attorney, and he could not grant them, and that she needed to read the rules or file the proper motion. Moses exclaimed “I have lost everything, my child, my time—I even had free tickets today for the BET Hip­hop awards party. Over a year of my life has been wasted. I went to jail. I am entitled to something.” The court instructed her to file the proper motions. Moses stated that she was glad the litigation is almost over and that she believes she will clear her name and get her son back. Radio stations, including 91.7 FM, recently interviewed Moses regarding this matter. Moses is now accepting all media requests. All media requests should be submitted to libkrecords@gmail.com, and Attorney Josie Holland for consideration


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