Jeffrey Scott Holland's "The Bartender" Film Now in Development


Jeffrey Scott Holland's novel "The Bartender" is now in development as an independent film through Catclaw Films, and scheduled to begin principal shooting in 2016. More production details to follow via the official Twitter account at @schachtons.

Set in 1970s Florida, "The Bartender" is a noir-ish tale of an eccentric loner with a lifelong dedication to bartending, who looks upon his profession as having the elevated status of a religious order, a fraternal organization, or a secret society promoting mankind's betterment. But he finds his good will to humanity is increasingly challenged as he watches American society going in an ill-mannered and amoral direction. And when one of his inebriated customers lets some­thing slip within his earshot - information that could be played to his personal advantage - he finds his own ethics being put to the test.


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