Introducing Brainstorm, a Party Game App - a New Take on Old-Fashioned Fun, for iOS and Android

Sly Trunk announces the launch Brainstorm, a party game, a mobile app with a wider variety of game types than other party game apps on the market. Designed to get people having fun together in a group setting, players break into 2 teams of any size and are challenged in 9 categories of gameplay. Available for download on iOS and Android starting August 19, 2015.

​Whether hanging out with friends, having a big holiday get-together, or just to make any night family game night -- Brainstorm, a party game will keep groups laughing, interacting, and having fun together.

Sly Trunk, LLC announces the launch of a new party game app with more gameplay types than any others in the category. Brainstorm engages all types of players, and keeps them on their toes.  Players are challenged in 9 categories of gameplay, teammates will find themselves sketching (Draw-it), jumping around like a monkey (Act-it), quickly matching moving tiles (Match-it), and shouting out the names of the top listings in a category (List-it). Laughs are sure to ensue.

Brainstorm is a mobile app played in two teams of any size -- minimum 4 players, but the more the merrier!  It includes many old favorites ... with a few surprises, including the option to play them all or select only the group’s favorites.

Brainstorm, a party game is available for download on iOS or Android mobile platform for $2.99 on November 19, 2015 (just in time for all of those holiday get-togethers with friends and family). iOS: Version 6.0 and later, Android: 2.3.1 (Gingerbread) and later.  Optimized for gameplay on tablet devices.   

Brainstorm, a party game -- Backstory

Developed by: Clint Carpenter and Shawn Robinson. These two developers have been playing games together for years … since kindergarten in fact.  Now decades later, they are thrilled to finally have had the opportunity to build the exact game that they have been wanting to play with their families and friends. Brainstorm, a party game -- it’s a new take on old-fashioned fun!

About Sly Trunk, LLC

Sly Trunk is a friendly, talented team, passionate about creating outstanding digital products. Founders Shawn Robinson and Luke Wojewoda believe that the best websites and mobile apps are realized through fantastic engineering. Since founding Sly Trunk in 2009, they have assembled a small team of multi-talented, highly skilled individuals who can deliver on that vision. Whether implementing designs to their fullest potential, or solving complex problems, clients and partners get to know and trust them intimately. Sly Trunk delivers full-stack talent and prides themselves on the scalable, robust code they've written that underpins the experiences of millions of users each day.


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