Husband and Wife Doctors Team Up to Offer Concierge Medical Practice

Dr. Mike, a Board certified Family practice physician and Dr. Jenn, a licensed clinical psychologist, have founded a revolutionary medical center in Woodland Hills, California - Willow Healing Center. Finally, patients are at the center of the medical experience. At our center there are no deductibles, no copays, 24/7/365 care, unhurried appointments, and much more, all starting at $5/day

Husband and wife team, Dr. Michael Lewis, M.D. and Dr. Jennifer Lewis, Ph.D., have founded a concierge medical center in Woodland Hills, California.  The impetus for starting their own practice, Willow Healing Center, was to offer their patients high-quality medicine at affordable prices.  Unlike traditional doctor visits, the patients who become members at the center have no visit fees, copays, or deductibles and can expect to spend as much time with the physician as necessary to diagnose and treat their ailments.  

Willow Healing Center will limit their patients to just 600 people in an effort to maintain the high level of service and one-to-one time with the physicians.  “Dr. Mike” heads up the medical center while “Dr. Jenn” provides psychological care.   Patients can become members for around $5/day and reap the benefits of having round-the-clock access to their general practitioner.  There are no hidden fees and most procedures are included in the membership; should a patient should require stitches or minor surgery in-office, it is included. 

Willow Healing Center will provide prescription medications that are filled on-site for less than it would cost through the use of most insurance companies. Ninety percent of the medications available cost less than $5 for a prescription.  The center’s website is currently developing an alphabetical and searchable database for members to access common conditions.  While it is not a substitute for medical care, it may assist in the treatment of more simple issues and members can rest assured the information is approved by s approved by Dr. Mike himself. 

Memberships are paid monthly, starting at $150 per month for 18-44-year-olds, $175 per month for 45-64-year-olds and $200 per month for members 65 years old and older.  While members can receive care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the regular operating hours of the practice are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on the weekends. However, Dr. Mike is available at all times by methods mentioned above. 

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About Willow Healing Center:

Willow Healing Center is a comprehensive and complete healthcare facility that specializes in building strong and meaningful relationships with patients while providing them with integrated and personalized health and mental-health care.

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Name: Dr. Michael R. Lewis, M.D.

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Willow Healing Center offers affordable concierge medicine in Woodland Hills. Lead by Dr. Michael Lewis, MD a board certified Family physician and his Wife, Dr. Jenniffer Lewis, PhD a clinical psychologist, they want to help you live your best life.

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Michael R. Lewis, MD
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