Hotels in Dominica Nestled in the Tranquility of Nature for the Ultimate Stress Relief

The Commonwealth of Dominica is home to hotels that offer guests the experience of serenity and beauty that nature brings.

Zandoli Inn, a leading hotel in the Commonwealth of Dominica, gives every guest the relaxation and rejuvenation they need as they escape from the hustle and bustle of living. The small, secluded hideaway with captivating ocean views is surrounded by forest trails that crisscross a six-acre property. The scenic views make the ideal setting for people who seek to unwind in a place that takes them closer to nature.

Named after an indigenous lizard, Zandoli is located at Stowe, near the fishing village of Fond St. Jean on the southeast coast. To get to the beautiful hideaway, visitors drive through 13 miles of scenic mountain roads and through small villages. The boutique hotel is a half-an-hour drive from Roseau, the capital of Dominica.

Because nature positively affects health and appeals to the senses, it is no surprise that Dominica – a place of lush green forests, majestic mountains and gorgeous beaches – is home to the 4th happiest people in the world, according to British Tink Tank Organization. Zandoli Inn, the country’s famous hotel for nature lovers, offers guests an unforgettable experience of a lifetime, surrounded by nature and free from the daily anxiety and worries that city living offers.

With stairs that take guests to a 2,000-foot long boulder shoreline, Zandoli Inn makes every stay worthwhile for people who want to keep close to nature and experience a sense of healing and inner peace., as it offers

As one of the top-rated hotels in Dominica All five rooms are generous with exquisite sea views, balconies, fully opening wooden jalousie windows, and private bathrooms with solar hot-water showers. Fans and mosquito nets are also provided, but no television, radios or phones are offered so as not to spoil the entire experience. Given its capacity to offer a beautiful and serene stay coupled with amenities that match its ideals, Zandoli has a 5-Star rating on Trip Advisor.

Apart from enjoying the breathtaking views, Zandoli Inn guests may also indulge themselves in an array of seafood, fruits and vegetables that are always fresh from nature and free of chemicals, pesticides or store bought fertilizers. The entire property offers a beautiful place for diving, long walks, mountain hikes and rainforest trips.

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Zandoli Inn is a small, secluded hideaway with captivating ocean views, forest trails and beautiful mountains. The sprawling six-acre estate was developed in an aim to offer guests the ideal setting to relax the mind and the body from the daily life.

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