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HomeTriangle, an Indian startup, brings local service packages tailor-made by verified home services professionals.

HomeTriangle aims to be a trusted one stop resource for the entire gamut of home related services required by today's savvy homeowners for efficiently designed, glitch free, beautiful homes. HomeTriangle helps link the homeowner to verified professionals who are aptly suited to execute their needs in a timely, cost effective manner while at the same time giving a fillip to excellent professionals in the home services field by providing a platform for them to create an easily accessible online showcase with features like their own profiles, tracking of individual projects, listing of services provided as well as uploading images of previously executed work, all in all creating a comprehensive online portfolio of their work for prospective clients to peruse easily from the comfort of their own homes. 

Taking the tangible next step in the evolution of the HomeTriangle platform, curated path breaking service packages tailor-made by verified home services professionals have been introduced, firmly fuelling HomeTriangle's growth trajectory with incremental ease of use for the homeowner as well as incubating innovation in a challenging, fragmented and unorganised home services market space. In essence the service packages address a pronounced gap in the home services market which is typified by a deficit of trust and undefined service parameters that create hurdles in a service being rendered even though both the homeowner and the home services professional stand to gain. 

HomeTriangle's service packages aim to solidify transactions in a time and resource efficient manner with an online solution combatting the real world equivalent where rounds of negotiations between homeowner and home service professional often fall through at the last minute. The conversion rate for service packages is an astounding 90% giving credence to the hypothesis. HomeTriangle service packages ensure that reliability and accountability for the homeowner go hand in hand with a continuous stream of work and growing revenue for efficient, trustworthy home service professionals.

The customised service package solution has been made possible by a growing number of synergetic tie-ups between HomeTriangle and pedigreed home improvement service providers country wide. Cleaning services like Clean Pro, Xkare, RST cleaning, Care and Clean, painting services like Vijay Paints and Polish and RS Painting, and handyman services like JackonBlock and Handyfix in Bengaluru are a few established partners as well as Icleaners and Homefix in Gurgaon. Easyfix, a market leader in Delhi is also set to introduce packages on HomeTriangle shortly.

The current focus is on services characterised by a high value and uptake factor like cleaning, painting,  handyman services, interior design and packers movers, with much more soon to follow, addressing lower value services like appliance repair and gadget  repair, highly specialised services like car services and niches like photography services as well, eventually covering every nuance of the home services marketplace. Service packages are at the forefront of the HomeTriangle push to create a stamp of approval for verified home services by providing a  high quality service experience, inspiring trust in the homeowner to come back again for all other home related services they will inevitably need in the future. All this at attractive, pre-negotiated price points while directing business towards flexible and agile businesses in the home services sector that are willing to adapt to a competitive but qualitatively discerning virtual model with a vast reach to aid their growth. A complete win win!

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Hometriangle.com aims to be a trusted one stop resource for the entire gamut of home related services required by today's savvy homeowners for efficiently designed, glitch free, beautiful homes.

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