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Established in 1989, and certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 by TUV, they steadfastly created a hold in Middle East, Europe, Australia, East Asia and USA markets.

The Chairman of VV Minerals, V Subramaniam who is the successor of Vaikundarajan says India has a lot to benefit from the heavy mineral mining industry.

The one name that comes to mind when talking about Garnet and Ilmenite exports from India is – VV Mineral. VVM is the forerunner in Ilmenite exports from India and has continued to progressively fan out its practice.

V Subramaniam says, "India's coastline of 7,500 kilometres is grossly underutilised from the perspective of heavy mineral mining since only 50 kilometres is allotted for beach mineral mining. Of the 460 million tonnes of the world's known resources, India possesses 278 million tonnes and these deposits contain approximately 25-30 percent heavy minerals."

For the processing of heavy minerals during mining, a range of labour power to cutting edge machinery is utilised. It is also necessary that these processes are eco-friendly and thus an autonomous quality control department implements rigorous quality control checks in order to maintain a zero rejection track record.

To support their supply demands VVM has control of a 40 km beach area with continuous placer mineral deposits in addition to 7000 acres of heavy mineral mining - rich land. In their line of business, Garnet Abrasive is primarily employed in Water Filtration, Water Jet Cutting, Surface Preparation, Sand Blasting and such similar applications.  

Ilmenite on the other hand is used in manufacturing Titanium slag, Titanium dioxide pigment and other products; Rutile for Titanium metal and pigment industries as well as Welding Electrode. Zircon is required in the production of glazes, opacifiers, frits, floor and decorative tiles, glass and steel refractory, sanitary ware, metal castings and specialised glass.

The heavy mineral mining industry has reserves many possibilities and could yield nearly Rs 30,000 crore in annual turnovers. We are not utilising this wealth which we have been endowed with. We are sitting cold on an enormous growth probability. If only, the new policy framework is enforced and sustainability is linked to the economic growth of our nation, could we hope to see better times for the heave mineral mining industry?

VV Mineral India is a wholly-owned and self-contained private company, with constructive equipments moving raw materials and finished products on time. We have our own container loading and handling equipments which include container loaders, trailers and Reach Stacker. Different types of vehicles are deployed for different transportation needs.

They have received recognition for their work in the form of numerous awards and recognitions from various governmental and non-governmental agencies. VV Minerals have been one of the successful mining companies to achieve their goals. Because of VV Mineral Mining unemployment, economic boost and various developments had increased in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.


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