Green Edge Systems 'Go MyPlate' Menu Boards to Display School Menus in Front of School Serving Lines

Green Edge Systems presents 'Go MyPlate' School Dry Erase Menu Boards for the of the Display of School Menus in Front of School Nutrition Serving lines to help students make their food selections according to USDA's requirements.

Green Edge Systems, a leader in dry erase and digital menu boards for school food services, hospital food services and college and university food services, presents 'Go MyPlate' Dry Erase School Menu Boards to help school food services display their school menus in front of school lunch serving lines, meeting USDA's school menu display directives.

'Go MyPlate' help students make their food sections by making half their plates fruits and vegetables.

School food services have been required per USDA directives to identify their food items in front of service lines, with the identification of food school menu items according to MyPlate food groups.  Displaying food items according to the MyPlate food groups has been defined by USDA as they required way to identify food items in school cafeterias, and the new 'Go MyPlate' style with the verity of front of the line stands, allows school nutrition services to meet these USDA regulations in an affordable and effective way - starting at $49 per stand.

Green Edge Systems 'Go MyPlate' is available in multiple color backgrounds, sizes, and on a variety of stands. Customization of the boards is provided and can include amongst others the addition of school food service logos and messages.

For more information and  prices visit www (.) myplatedryerase (.) com or contact:

Tommy Orpaz


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