Frieda B. Book Series Encourages Children to Embrace Their Own Stories and Value the Stories of Others

​​Renata Bowers created fictional children’s character Frieda B. with one goal in mind: to encourage children of all ages to dream big and believe they are free to be their own one-of-a-kind, very important story.

That is the key message in the series’ first book, Frieda B. Herself.  Upon its release, Bowers began visiting schools and working directly with children on the book’s “free to be” messaging.  It was the powerful feedback she received from teachers and students alike that allowed Bowers to see the extraordinary potential of the Frieda B. message and to turn one book into a series.  

“Every child has a unique combination of gifts and passions—a story that no one else can tell,” Bowers explains.  “Frieda B. books—based on a girl with a limitless imagination who believes she’s free to be what she dreams—exist to awaken the imagination and story within each child, to help that child begin to value his or her own worth, and dream about what’s possible. Likewise, the stories focus on the importance of valuing and supporting the worth of others.”

The other titles currently in the series are Frieda B. Meets the Man in the Moon, Frieda B. and the Zillabeast, and Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink. For each book, Bowers writes a letter, providing insight to parents and caregivers on how she walks children through the story to help them grasp and apply its key messages.

The series has struck a chord with parents and children across the country.  In response, Bowers and friend Paula LaJoie have co-founded Frieda B, LLC, a company devoted to growing its line of Frieda B. books, products, and services to encourage and inspire the story within. The company recently released a video of Bowers sharing the message and mission of Frieda B. and demonstrating the simple yet impactful exercise she uses to help children understand how to identify their story.

So, who is Frieda B?  An 8 year-old girl with bare feet and wild unruly red hair that she rarely combs because she’s much too busy. Playing. Dreaming. Adventuring. After all, childhood is much too short.  And that’s why kids need a friend like Frieda.  Simply put, she exists to inspire the child in all of us to play a little more, dream big and bold, be kind to others, and never stop believing in the stories that each of us carry inside.

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