Florida Child Custody Has Now Become Time-Sharing With Parenting Plans

Florida courts have moved away from the term "custody", now assigning parental responsibility through parenting plans and time sharing agreements.

In the past few years Florida Child Custody Laws have been updated to include parenting plans and time-sharing agreements that establish parental responsbilities for entire welfare of the child. These agreements can be drafted by the parents but must also act in the child's best interest.

Parenting Plans and Parental Responsibility

This document establishes parental responsbility for each parent in relation to the decisions they make for the child's education, healthy care and overall well-being. It will contain a time sharing agreement that benefits both the child and parent. Terms such as sole parental responsibility and shared parental responsibility are now preferable in place of sole-custody and shared custody.

TIme-Sharing Agreements

This section of the parenting plan establishes a time-sharing schedule so that both parents may enjoy a liberal amount of time with the child. This replaces the term "visitation" and also declare the means in which the parent will communicate with their child.

Relocation and Child Custody in Florida

In order for a parent with physical custody of a child to relocate both parents must consent in writing. The agreement of consent to relocation will contain detailed descriptions of the reasons why the parent is moving, where they are moving to and all time-sharing and transportation arrangements.

How to Establish a Parenting Plan

Traditional courtroom litigation can be both painful and expensive. Family mediation is a good alternative for those wishing to avoid the cost of an attorney and the tension of a courtroom. Parents of children in Florida filing for divorce must attend family mediation according to according to Florida Statute 61 set forth by the Florida Legislature. iMediate Inc. is an established group of Family and Divorce Mediators in the state of Florida who specialize in child custody mediation and the establishment of parenting plans and time-sharing agreements. They can conduct your mediation session in-person on online through iChat video conferencing from the comfort of your own home or office. If you are in need of child custody mediation or a child custody agreement in the form a parenting plan more information can be found on their website on their Child Custody Mediation page.


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