Fix Leaks With the Only "Two Hour Return-to-Service" Process

This week is Fix a Leak Week and Pipe Restoration Technologies has the perfect solution for all types of homeowners, property managers and engineers who want to rehabilitate their drinking water piping. The patented ePIPE process is the only pipe lining technology with a two hour return-to-service!

Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC (PRT), makers of the patented ePIPE® pipe restoration product line, offers the only remedy to prevent pipe leaks with a two hour return-to-service for drinking water pipes. The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency’s national Fix a Leak Week, which started yesterday, reminds Americans to inspect their homes and businesses for leaks, as well as repair them. PRT, with installers world-wide, offers the least disruptive pipe repair solution for homeowners, property managers, facility managers and engineers.

“Our ePIPE pipe lining process prevents leaks, saving tens of thousands of gallons of water per day throughout North America and Europe,” PRT CEO Larry Gillanders said. “Whether or not your home or business has experienced leaks in the past, we encourage you to use ePIPE, which has the fastest return to service in our industry, to prevent leaks before they cause expensive damage.”

Pinhole leaks are one of the leading causes of water loss, contributing to more than 1 trillion gallons of water leaking from U.S. homes each year. Approximately 10 percent of homes waste at least 90 gallons of clean water per day, and it’s estimated that 1/6 of the U.S.’s clean water is lost each year due to leaking pipes.

PRT’s patented in-place epoxy lining process, ePIPE, restores the pipes from the inside and prevents pinhole leaks from occurring. This method is preferred over traditional pipe replacement techniques, which are extremely expensive, disruptive, time-consuming and harmful to the environment.


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