First Ever Book Trilogy to Be Released on Same Day, Sets Off Viral Global Sisterhood Movement

Author Dr. Shellie Hipsky (Pittsburgh, Pa), along with best sell author and publisher Kate Gardner (London, England) release "Common Threads" - a trilogy on Dec. 13th featuring 100 popular and influential women from across the globe. This is the first time a book trilogy has been released on the same day and this global sisterhood movement will have a viral social media PR campaign as women come together and unite in this powerful movement of support and empowerment.

Author Dr. Shellie Hipsky goes viral as she releases the first book trilogy to ever hit shelves on the same day worldwide – Dec. 13th!

Dr. Shellie Hipsky of Pittsburgh, PA (U.S.), is about to release her sixth publication, Common Threads, all on the same day. The trilogy focuses on 100 inspirational women across the globe, and shares their stories showing that women of all cultures and races can overcome any struggle.  The Global Sisterhood movement has become a viral phenomenon, much needed in today’s society.  Women everywhere are gathering to support one another and lift each other up emotionally, professionally, and personally.

On December 13th  - women from the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa will be posting pictures of themselves with the three book covers surrounded by powerful groups of women who support the Global Sisterhood and Common Threads movement.  Women in certain countries, such as Pakistan, whose lives are at risk and cannot show their faces, will post a gathering of hands to show their support in a suppressed society.

Hipsky states, “It’s been my great honor to provide a platform, through the Global Sisterhood of Empowering Women to inspire and empower the women of the world through the Common Threads trilogy. While recording Empowering Women Radio, it became obvious to me that the strategies for success discussed by the women I interviewed needed to be shared on a broader scale. The idea morphed into this trilogy that every woman can learn and benefit from. The fact that this idea has grown with women reaching out all the way from Pakistan and South Africa just shows the need for positive support in the world and how we can pick each other up.  This is huge!!”

Common Threads is being published by Best Selling author and publisher of The Missing Piece Series, Kate Gardner of London, England. “To be the publisher and help create the Common Threads trilogy has been an amazing experience. To bring this project to life and know that it's going to touch many lives across the world with 100 women’s stories inside is a truly phenomenal feeling. The women in these books are truly inspiring and can teach other people how to come through adversity and be strong, be inspiring and to be empowering.”

On December 13th women (and men who support women) will be posting these epic pictures of unity across all verticals of social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, etc., not only on personal accounts but also publicly using #CommonThreads #GlobalSisterhood, #EmpoweringWomen, #InspiringLives.


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