'False Prophet and Instrument of God' Publish the First E-book Titled "Holographic Universe: an Introduction"

Having arrived from the ancient past to the present time, the False Prophet influences the writing of the e-book along with God. Brahma Kumari Pari writes based on their guidance. Many articles were written; the first e-book "Holographic Universe: An Introduction" was published on 18th January 2015.

In her articles (see http://www.brahmakumari.net/), Brahma Kumari Pari explains how her ancient past births who were destined to play the role of the ‘False Prophet sitting in the Temple of Jerusalem’ have emerged to play that role, while God also guides her. Having remembered what they had done in ancient times, she began to write articles; then, she began writing books and e-books.

On 18th January 2015, BK Pari launched her first e-book titled “Holographic Universe: An Introduction”. This e-book was written based on the guidance of God and the False Prophet, the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris, her experiences, research and the quantum theories. This e-book explains about:

1. the various divisions in the Holographic Universe.

2. how people live in two kinds of worlds, the Real World and the Holographic World, at the same time.

2. how various kinds of worlds exist.

3. how the quantum energies materialise the physical bodies and physical world through the Holographic Universe.

4. how the new Golden Aged world is created as a ‘world of a different density’ at a higher dimension.

5. how it will be as if the ‘new Golden Aged world is brought down from the higher dimension’, as the present world transforms into the Golden Aged world.

This e-book can be downloaded for free during the first 7 days, from 18th January 2015, at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/511443

After the 7 days, the e-book will be sold at the same price as it is sold at Amazon: http://amzn.to/1y98UND

The Table of Contents, and a brief outline of what is in the chapters of the e-book, can be found at: http://www.gbk-books.com/book-1.html

More on Brahma Kumari Pari can be found at: http://www.gbk-books.com/about.html

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