Everdata Technologies Voted the Best Cloud Provider by Users

Everdata wins Best Cloud Hosting Provider in Jelastic's Oct 15 customer satisfaction survey for uptime, price, support, cpanel, scalability & provider reputation.

“Cloud market in India is emerging at an astounding rate, and Everdata has expanded its offering to not only meet, but to exceed the demands of cloud customers in their region,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO. “Our partnership with Everdata means that together, we bring all the advantages and proven benefits of Jelastic cloud platform to customers in the country. As a result, users experience high availability, automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, flexible pricing and full DevOps automation. And recent win in the poll performed among users shows the customers' satisfaction in the services provided by Everdata.”

​Everdata Technologies has been voted the “Best Cloud Hosting Provider” by cloud users that took part in customer satisfaction survey conducted by Jelastic in October 2015. Cloud users gave Everdata the highest number of votes in several categories including uptime, support, price, scalability, hardware quality, provider reputation, control panel, etc.

The results illustrate that Everdata Cloud - an innovative cloud platform that combines the unlimited PaaS and container based IaaS, supported by knowledgeable and experienced local team successfully met the requirements and demands of India’s cloud users.

​Everdata Cloud, based on Jelastic platform provides the ultimate cloud experience that combines flexibility, scalability, transparency and control over the entire environment, as well as fully elastic pricing.

Developers find that flexibility and ease of use that come with Everdata Cloud is unparalleled as it requires zero code change, provides rapid environment setup and one click deployments. PaaS contains a wide range of software stacks and supports mixing and matching which radically speeds up and improves the development process.

​Everdata Cloud transparency and single point overview of complete cloud Infrastructure, along with flexible and elastic pricing provides perfect control and cost effectiveness that modern businesses expect from cloud providers.

​Everdata Technologies has built a reputation by its secure, powerful, reliable and affordable business solutions. The company recognized the potential of this cloud platform and offered it to the Indian market.  Everdata Cloud is the first cloud solution fully translated in Hindi that provides data sovereignty to Indian businesses and organizations by enabling them to host and keep their mission critical data in India and away from international governments and corporations.

Since inception in 1997, the company is dedicated to introducing innovative hosting solutions that are in tune with the changing needs of both local and global clients. Everdata currently caters to a variety of hosting needs to its clients in 57 countries worldwide, has offices in India, USA and UK.

​Everdata Data Center India is Rajasthan State’s first privately owned data center. With 21,000+ Sq feet of DC floor which can house up to 14000 servers easily. This IPv6 ready Data center is located in Jaipur, which was marked the safest area from earthquakes and other natural disasters in India as well as the world, which makes it ideal for businesses looking for disaster recovery and business continuity services the world over.

​Everdata’s data center is Rajasthan's first privately owned Tier III level data center. The company launched Everdata Cloud, also known as the Hindi Cloud, the first cloud solution that is fully translated in Hindi and provides data sovereignty to Indian businesses and organizations by enabling them to host and keep their mission critical data in India and away from international governments and corporations.

The company provides a wide range of hosting and colocation services, and is currently providing services to more than 11000 customers. Everdata flagship data center is located in the city of Jaipur, one of India's safest rated zones from natural disasters. This location makes EverData ideally suited to provide disaster recovery and business continuity services in India as well as the world over.


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