Eldil Investing 100 Crores in Commercial Real Estate in Business Centre .

EFC is investing in a low market which will lead to Direct and indirect Impacts more than 500 entrepreneurs will be given opportunity and it will also increase indirect employment in the country.

First Light in the Commercial Real Estate industry;

Eldil investing 100 crores in commercial real estate in business centre .

EFC Land Development and Infrastructure Limited (ELDIL India) has provided the solution for many startups coexisting together in INDIA.

EFC Land and Development and Infrastructure Limited (ELDIL), a name in which as built its mark in the construction of spaces for all the upcoming potential companies and startups in India has changed the way India welcomes Startups.

India, ranks 7th; of most difficult countries; to start the business, because government has done very little to support all the budding ; entrepreneurs. EILDIL is proud to have helped more than 100+ companies over the years employing over 2000 people nationwide. 



Real estate is by far the most difficult business to expand at the same time to get returns as there are many legal complications as well as making it sellable to those who already have very few funds.

 Established real estate players have so far only focused on luxury and high end business community. At ELDIL there is an effort to Make in India for India and to provide with social service as well. ELDIL has come a long way where many fear huge monetary loss in taking even one step forward.


” At ELDIL we believe it is these startups which pave the way for future.“ says Umeash Sahaaii , Chairman of ELDIL. It has taken them   a few difficult years to work, in a space to create the surrounding for nurturing startups of all kinds and making it happen for them.


ELDIL India has come up with unique concept of 'Entrepreneur Park' - a place where you can nurture your dreams keeping your finance at bay.


EFC is investing in  a low  market which will lead to Direct and indirect Impacts more than 500 entrepreneurs will be given opportunity and it will also increase indirect employment in the country.


 ELDIL provides readymade with office spaces for these startups in India and is growing with speed.

It is going to create huge impact in the construction and real estate industry because of its upcoming projects .

1.     It already has more than 1000 seats in 5 Centres in Pune within Phase I.

2.      In Phase II  it’s going to expand in different cities and will have over 80 Centres with a capacity of 50,000+ seats.

3.      This will be revolutionary growth for Indian startup environment and employment of individuals .

4.     It is our vision to be a part of this huge industry to profit the initiatives to make India a business giant like the developed cities of the world.

EFC as a brand name is expected to bring branded location within the reach of the start-up entrepreneurs. Over a period of time these start-ups are expected to upgrade themselves to the premium solutions which are also offered by ELDIL. ELDIL is the next generation defining real estate from a whole new perspective.

About EFC Land Development and Infrastructure Limited


EFC was formed in the year 2012. We started our brand new journey with a vision of supporting more start-ups by creating a cost affordable infrastructure.

ELDIL is that one body which not only supports the Digital India campaign but it thrusts on the fact that the more Apps are developed the smoother is daily life going to get and to make this happen if one has to create physical spaces for developing virtual reality so be it ! ELDIL Marks its presence to the country. ,

ELDIL is the local body for all startups which not only paves the way for them but acts as a pseudo government support for them to thrive for funding and move on to premium solutions and build relationships .ELDIL is creating the “Experiment ground  for Indians like the kind Google would provide for Americans.



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