E3 Investment Group's E3 Cargo Featured In JP Morgan Chase Report

E3 Investment Group's EB-5 funded transportation subsidiary E3 Cargo featured in a report issued by JP Morgan Chase and the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

E3 Investment Group (E3iG), headquartered in New York, announced today that E3 Cargo, E3 Investment Group’s EB-5 funded subsidiary, has been featured in an investment report issued by JP Morgan Chase and Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC.org).  

The report is entitled, ‘Financing Growth: A Practical Resource Guide for Small Businesses’ is a comprehensive review of financing sources for small businesses, including EB-5 capital.  E3 Cargo was the only business featured by the report in the EB-5 section.  According to Matt Gordon, E3 Investment Group’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of E3 Cargo, “The publication of this report is significant for both EB-5 and our firm.  For institutions of the stature of JP Morgan and ICIC to recognize EB-5 as part of the capital financing continuum is another example of the EB-5 sector’s coming of age.  For E3 Cargo to be the only featured example of how EB-5 capital can be used is an honor and a great tribute to the work we are doing to contribute to Indianapolis’ revitalization.”

Mr. Gordon continued, “In many ways, we may look back at the inclusion of E3 Cargo in this report as the time that our Scalable-Direct® EB-5 business model started to gain mainstream acceptance within the investment community.”

A copy of the report can be found at this link:  http://www.icic.org/ee_uploads/pdf/Financing_Growth_FINAL.pdf

About E3 Investment Group

E3 Investment group is the leader in structuring direct EB-5 investments that are designed to encourage international investment in the United States.  E3iG’s businesses are structured using its proprietary Scalable-Direct® business model that allows investors to participate in opportunities that do not require the time and expense of regional center sponsorship, while affording them the benefits of being part of larger opportunities, including having the companies that receive their investment capital managed by a team of industry professionals.  

E3 Investment Group’s mission is the harmonious synthesis of social and economic value creation.  Our  three mandates-“The three E’s” are:  Employment – to create well paying, long term jobs; The Environment – to conduct our operations in a manner that minimizes our impact on the industries in which we focus; and Earnings – so we can ultimately do well for our investors and ourselves and do good for the communities in which we operate.

For a short video on how Scalable-Direct™ works, see www.e3investmentgroup.com/scalable-direct


E3 Investment Group

Matt Gordon
Chief Executive Officer
E3 Investment Group
Email: matt.gordon@e3investmentgroup.com
Phone: 646-402-5000
Website: http://www.e3investmentgroup.com


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